Dark Chocolate Cookies

Confession: I was on a cookie kick. I was making any and all cookies that I could think of. It was a real problem.

dark chocolate
Then I saw that my friend Amber had posted a dark chocolate cookie with caramel chips and cashews and I knew I HAD to try them. I used the base for her recipe (here’s the link) and added my own caramel, toffee, and sea salt.

dark chocolate
First of all, ” target=”_blank”>Amber’s cookie is perfection. The cookie is so rich and dense – I mean for serious.

dark chocolate
In her cookie, Amber used caramel chips – I wanted something a little more intense. I was not disappointed. I loved the big glob of chewy caramel in the center – really it was just perfect.

dark chocolate
Plus, I am a SUCKER for the toffee bits – I could probably put those delicious things on anything and it would be amazing. Plus, the sea salt? Guys. The combination is just perfect.

dark chocolate
It goes back to ” target=”_blank”>Amber’s cookie – which again, is to die for. You could add anything you wanted to it and it would be a win. YES. This combination of sweet, salty, and crunch was exactly what I wanted.

dark chocolate
What would you put on your cookie??

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